Our Story....

Welcome to Two Kitchen Collision!


We are sisters, whose kitchens have happily collided, expressing our love of health, cooking, and great food.


Hannah, who found her way to the northwest after 20 years in the south, is passionate about vegan food, and an abundance of vegetables. She has spent many hours with her hands in the dirt- planting, weeding, and harvesting whatever the season will produce.


Tabitha is fond of food locally grown or made, and meat that has been responsibly raised on nearby pastures. She is continually attempting to diversify the palates of her "standard American diet" loving family. 


Our hope is to share beautiful recipes that inspire you to eat outside the box- using food the way God intended it, to nourish body and soul.

On a professional note...


Hannah is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practioner and Tabitha is a Registered Nurse.

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