All that(s) Jazz

March 15, 2016

Have you ever fought and fought against something, finally to give in and then wonder why you were fighting in the first place? That’s what I did when it came to getting Jazz (see the picture below- that's Jazz). After a trip to visit family in Washington and a pretty serious low blood sugar (I'm a type 1 diabetic), my mom became determined to find a way to help. And here is what she found: diabetic alert dogs (DAD).



A service dog?! No way.  That would mean walking around with an advertisement that something was “wrong” with me. Strong-willed, independent me was not ready for that.


Granted, I gave in and called about a service dog, but information gathering was my limit.


Fast forward a year, and I’m lying in a hospital bed with no idea how I'd gotten there (I'd been on my way to work and apparently had a low blood sugar.  So low that I was incoherent). I'm thankful that someone called 911 and the medics got me to the hospital. That was the day I promised to put a deposit down on a service dog.


All part of God’s plan – His perfect timing.


Sitting in my office at work, six days after my hospital visit, I got a phone call from Rachel (the best DAD trainer in the world). That phone call was a whirlwind... summed up with a dog being available, possibly having hip dysplasia and trained as a DAD.  They weren't going to be able to sell her, due to the fact she might, just might have a physical limitation. 

Rachel’s question: “would you like her”?


My reply: “If she can help me with my diabetes, I can help her with hip dysplasia”.


The very next day, exactly one week after my hospital visit, I met Jazz. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure this "smelling blood sugar" thing would work. About 20 minutes before I got to Wildrose, my sugar was in the mid-70s.  Not too low, but low enough that they promised me Jazz would be able to smell it, and alert me to do something about it. 


Did I do anything about it? Nope. I wanted to test Jazz's blood sugar smelling ability. Getting out of the car, the very first thing Jazz did was grab the stuffed “bringsel” (DADs are trained to get these when they smell a low blood sugar). And the rest is history, so now on to Jazz…


  • Jazz is full of life, full of energy, full of fun.

  • She is a very social girl and seldom meets a person that she can’t make smile.

  • She is DETERMINED – and boy do I mean determined. Don’t think you’ll be able to ignore a low or high blood sugar with her around.​​ ​​

  • Jazz knows, instinctively, to be calm around kids. She loves them and always knows how to act when they are around. She was amazing at the Atlanta Children’s Hospital when we were doing rounds. Oh how she loved those kids.

  • Jazz loves to go on walks and at six years old hasn’t shown even a slight indication of hip problems. God is a God who heals!

  • She loves to take naps during church and always knows when the last prayer starts.


I could go on and on, but Jazz has cake to eat and presents to open. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for her. She diligently alerts to my highs and lows, sits quietly with me while I study, and is a constant reminder of the goodness of God’s creation.



Happy 6th Birthday baby girl.


There’s carrot cake, toys and tennis balls waiting for you. Everyone, even the dogs in our lives, need to have fun. That’s what birthdays are all about. Right?



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