Green Chef

August 7, 2016

Sometimes I'm convinced that advertisements and Facebook can read my mind and the schedule on my old fashioned planner pages. The week the Green Chef advertisements seemed to appear from nowhere was one of those times. My upcoming week was a bit over-scheduled, and the thought of cooking was feeling like a chore and not a joy. For cooking to ever feel like anything but a fun-filled adventure to Tabitha and I means we are stretched pretty thin.



Cooking is my way of relaxing and taking a break from the pressures of life but occasionally, it'd be nice to know someone has done all of the planning and prepping for me. Nice to be able to put zero thought into my meals and still eat healthy & at home.  


Black Bean Edamame Pasta with Strawberry Avocado Salsa


Friday afternoon the ingredients for three organic meals showed up on our doorstep all packed and chilled in 100% recyclable materials.


Organic and Recyclable? Sold!


But Green Chef goes further than that. They offer meal plans to suit almost everyone.


Vegan - Vegetarian - Omnivore - Carnivore - Gluten Free - Paleo


It sure sounds like they thought of everything when they put their meal plans together.


All of the ingredients came packaged & color coded for each meal- in just the right quantities, so we weren't left with half a pepper or a partially used package of tofu to deal figure out how to use later.  We still got to chop vegetables, cook, and assemble the dish, so it felt like cooking- without the hassle of shopping or meal planning. 

Bonus: Each meal was cooked and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes- and they tasted great!



Ginger Sesame Tempeh Bowl


The three meals were supposed to provide enough food for two servings but we got an easy five or six servings out of each meal.


Green Chef takes away any excuses for not being able to eat fresh healthy food. As much as we love to cook, we love the option to have organic food dropped off on the doorstep for those weeks cooking just doesn't fit into the schedule.



Veggie Paella with Spanish Style Tofu and Olive Tapenade


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